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Beneteau Yacht Selection for Charter

Beneteau Yacht Selection - Brand

About Beneteau Yachts Brand

Beneteau, a French company, is one of the leading shipbuilding companies in the world. Their exceptional yachts include a variety of highly specialized lines of sailboats and motor boats combining tradition and high technologies. They are renowned for their quality, beautiful design, great performance and easy handling.

Beneteau Yacht Selection - Sailing Yachts

Beneteau Charter Sailing Yachts

Beneteau sailing boats series includes: Beneteau, Cyclades, First, Oceanis, Sense and One-design. Most popular Beneteau charter sailing yachts are the Oceanis Series, offering comfortable and safe cruising and the First line, renowned for its performance and easy sail handling. Sense series are widely accepted because of their simplicity.


Beneteau Yacht Selection - Motor Yachts

Beneteau Charter Motor Yachts

Beneteau motor yachts include the series: Antares, Barracuda, Flyer, Gran Turismo, Montecarlo and Swift Trawler. The most popular Beneteau charter motor yachts are the Antares, ideal for family cruising, the Flyer, safe and easy-to-maneuver boats and the Swift Trawler, power featuring high tech equipment and classy amenities.

How to Choose the Right Beneteau Yacht for Charter

Beneteau yachts for charter have been present in the world of sailing for more than a century. With a combination of tradition and advanced technologies, Beneteau is one of the leading shipbuilding companies in the world specialized both in building sailing yachts and motor yachts.

We offer you a variety of Beneteau sailing and motor yachts which you can charter in Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy, Croatia or Spain or in some other destinations such as Thailand, the Caribbean, Malta, Cuba or Seychelles.

You can choose between sailing yachts and motor boats, depending on what suits your needs the best. Our selection of Beneteau yacht charters includes the following series of sail boats: Beneteau, Cyclades, First, Oceanis and Sense. The First yachts are a perfect combination of safety and performance, as well as easy sail handling. The Oceanis Series offers you comfortable and safe cruising, while Sense yachts provide a new concept of cruising through their simplicity and freedom.

If you prefer the power of the engine to the power of wind choose from a variety of Beneteau motor boats we have in offer: Antares, Flyer, Monte Carlo and Swift Trawler series. Antares yachts are suitable for families, they are safe, reliable and comfortable boats for relaxing and enjoying leisure activities. The Flyer boats are spontaneous, safe and elegant, as well as easy to maneuver, while the Swift Trawler is a powerful, reliable and comfortable boat, ideal for adventure.

Charter one of Beneteau yachts from our Beneteau Yacht Charter Catalogue and enjoy your sailing vacation on board top-quality boats!